Transparent Facade


Transparent facade systems are the facade systems that give the building an architectural design and aesthetic appearance. The purpose of the application of transparent facades is to make the best use of daylight and to make the interior more bright.

Transparent facade system infrastructure is mechanically connected to insulating glass or laminated single or heat glasses bearing steel construction which is drilled on all four sides by means of stainless ball joints.

Transparent FacadeThe most important feature of this system is that, because only transparent glass is used as the facade cladding material, the visibility ratio between the interior and exterior environment is maximized.

The elegant planer glass facade system is also called transparent glass facade system or suction cup glass facade system.

In projects where transparency is important, the difference of Transparent Glass Facade systems used in the formation of striking architectural designs by using different designed carrier systems is the use of glass or stainless materials instead of aluminum profiles of the lower carrier system.